How to Reduce Anxiety When Wearing Contact Lenses

Summary: Contact lenses shouldn’t terrify you to the point where you decide not to wear them at all. Here are some tips that will instill some confidence in you.

If you’ve never worn contact lenses before and are ready to make the dive, you shouldn’t have to feel anxious about the process. Freeing your eyes from those pesky frames comes with a liberating feeling. Moreover, as long as you listen to your eye doctor’s instructions, you won’t have to picture yourself caught in all of those horror stories you’ve read online.

Wearing contact lenses do come with downsides of course, especially for those that haven’t worn contact lenses before. There can be confusion over things like time frames and especially cleaning. Even though you are looking forward to these new changes, making the switch can be a very scary thing. Here are some confidence-boosting tips that’ll help you get through this transition phase.

Don’t Overanalyze Everything

It is relatively easy to feel anxious when you order contact lenses for the first time. You might start thinking about bad things like what if the lens gets stuck in your eye or what would you do if you get an infection. These questions are normal for all contact wearers but as stated before, your optometrist should ease some of these concerns.

In cases like this, you don’t suffer from anxiety over something as trivial as contact lenses. The contacts won’t get stuck in your eyes. If there is any damage to your lenses, simply go online or your local retailer and purchase new ones. Performing the same cleaning routine for your contact lenses over and over will help you get accustomed to all of the steps you need to follow. recommends that you leave your contact lenses in the solution when you are not wearing them. Be sure to purchase contact solutions that’s meant only for your brand of contact lenses. This cleans the contacts and leaves them hydrated and ready for use. Furthermore, they’re going to be more comfortable when you have them in your eyes.

Practice Makes Perfect

This is probably the most difficult part of the contact wearing process. How do you even put in your contact lenses? Well, it’s actually much easier than you think. Start by making sure your hands are completely clean by washing them thoroughly with mild soap. Place the lens on the tip of your finger and check that you are putting the lens in properly. When held up to the light, the contact needs to look similar to that of a cup.

With one hand, pull the top of your eye lid up and bottom eye lid down to prevent yourself from blinking. Proceed to move the lens toward your eye and look upward so you’re not directly facing the contact lens itself. Next, place the lens in your eye and release your eyelid Close your eyes so the contact lens can settle in place. You can then repeat the step with your other eye.