Does CBD Oil Help with Anxiety?

Article Provided by Express CBD Store

The changing attitudes in the U.S. to cannabis has opened more people up to the healthier side of the substance. Cannabidiol is just one of more than 104 chemicals found in cannabis, and is central to CBD oil. These products are designed to improve the health of users, according to NetDoctor. The benefits of CBD water and oil products include their positive impact on those suffering from anxiety and social disorders.

Although CBD manufacturers and retailers have yet to obtain FDA approval for their products, the amount of research backing the use of hemp or CBD is substantial. Dating back as far as 2010, small studies have taken place around the world exploring the link between hemp water and relief from anxiety.

Medical News Today reports a 2010 study into the use of CBD oil that revealed this naturally produced chemical was able to change the way the human body moves blood and chemicals to the brain. CBD was shown to bind to brain receptors and change the way the user handles anxiety, with further studies showing hemp oil can be used as an anti-depressant.

There are many benefits to using CBD far beyond its use in reducing anxiety and social anxiety disorders. Now legal in all but four states, hemp water has been proven to be an anti-inflammatory option and contains many heart-healthy compounds. As the evolution of CBD in the U.S. continues it is sure to grow into one of the most important health products in the world.

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