Why You Should Not Skip Meals

Why you should not skip mealsWe think by skipping a meal we can reduce the calorie intake and lose weight, and get thin. However the opposite is true when you repeatedly skip meals. Here’s why.

When you skip a meal your body goes into fasting mode. Occasional fasting may help improve your health but continued habit of fasting is not good for your body. When you fast or skip a meal your body first starting to burn carbohydrates in your body which is a source of fuel. Then the mechanism goes to burning protein in your body which causes you to lose muscles. Lastly, your body will start to lose fat for energy due to lack of food in your body. Additionally, skipping meals could cause nausea, fatigue, constipation, low blood pressure, headache and dehydration.

Well, if this is not enough to stop skipping meals, listen to this. When you continuously skip meals, your body goes into starvation mode and start to preserve or retain fat as much as possible causing to burn tissue and muscles. It will cause the body to slow down your metabolism while attempting to hold onto every calorie your body receives. That will lead to weight gain instead of weight loss.