Which Couch Foam Filling is Healthiest to Use?

Blog provided by The Foam Factory

A comfortable, healthy couch is an essential part of any living room. It serves the important function of allowing you to relax and destress after a difficult day at work. Furthermore, good couch cushions can help improve your blood circulation as you sit. The perfect cushion will distribute your weight evenly, protecting you from uneven compression and uncomfortable pressure points while you lounge.

However, couch cushions will eventually lose their shape and become misshapen. This makes it harder for them to support your weight and eventually causes them to give you aches and pains. When this happens, it’s time for a cushion replacement. Since there are multiple types of foam filling for couches, it’s important to choose the right one for your personal health.

A cushion that is too firm won’t be comfortable to sit on, and it will also cause more compression in your tailbone and lower body. However, a cushion that is too soft is not healthy either. In an article for the Daily Mail, physiotherapist Richard Evans was quoted as saying that softer, squishier sofas have encouraged poor posture, resulting in back pain and injuries. The unnatural position of sinking into a soft couch brings similar problems to couches that are too firm, such as stiffness in the lower body and digestive issues.

In light of this, the best filling for a cushion replacement is a foam that is neither too soft nor too firm. The Foam Factory sells multiple types of foam for couches including medium foam such as HD36 Foam and Poly Foam. Contact them today for more details on their different foam types.