What your smelly stools telling you?

Improve your health with a colon cleanseIt’s time for a serious consideration of your colon functions. Stools normally carry an unpleasant odor. But from time to time due to an underlying medical condition, food that you eat and other reasons odor comes from your stools become stronger and even foul smelling. Underlying medical conditions that may cause foul smelling stools include Celiac disease, Crohn’s disease, Cystic fibrosis, intestinal infections and chronic pancreatitis. Food and other conditions may lead to malabsorption and bowel related issues causing stools to release foul odor. There are home remedies for non-medical conditions including changing diet and dietary habits, drinking more fluids and using a supplement such as Coleanse Pills made of all natural ingredients to provide a gentle cleanse of your colon. But if stools are black, mixed in with blood, causes cramping, chills, fever and severe pain, it is time to see a medical specialist such as your doctor.