Top Reasons Why You Should Switch to Daily Contact Lenses Today

Summary: Daily contact lenses offer users a variety of benefits that cannot be had with other contact lens types.

The most common reason why practitioners all around the country are recommending daily disposable contact lenses to their patients is simply because they are healthier. But, there are benefits to making the switch to these lenses as well.

They Are Extremely Comfortable

Contact lens wearers love to feel comfortable with their contact lenses. In the United States, about thirty percent of all patients are wearing daily disposables. The differences between the daily disposables and other models is that they are made of a thinner material, allowing more breathability. This helps makes the user feel like there is nothing in his or her eyes.

They Are Cost Effective

Another reason why people love daily disposables is the fact that they are more cost effective. While it might seem perplexing to understand how daily disposables are cheaper than weekly or monthly contact lenses but they are less expensive in the long run. The amount of solution that one needs to purchase when handling weekly or monthly contact lenses runs up the cost. And, if you are cleaning them as recommended by your doctor, you could be going through bottles rather quickly. There is definitely an argument made for daily disposables being more cost-effective in the long run.

They Are Better for Dry Eyes

Another reason why patients should use daily disposable lenses is because those that suffer from dry eyes need a product that can won’t exacerbate their condition. Weekly or monthly contact lenses, if not cleaned or stored correctly, could lose that moisture and harm the eyes. Disposable dailies on the other hand, are replaced after every use, guaranteeing a fresh pair each and every day.

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