The Right Way to Eat Steak

Created by: Whey Supplements

When it comes to building muscle, steak has always been the go-to power food for bodybuilders everywhere. But this delicious cut of beef can also be the source of unhealthy ingredients that can hurt your physique. This is why it’s important to learn the right way to eat steak, transforming it from a possible food demon to your favorite power food.

Why is steak such a beloved body building food in the first place? We choose steak because it’s packed with protein, zinc, iron, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12 — pretty much the best combination of vitamins and minerals for bodybuilding. Steak builds muscles.

However, the problem with steak comes down to the cut. Certain cuts such as the rib eye and prime rib are loaded with fat. While they are friendly to our taste buds, they are not so friendly to our bodies.

The best way to enjoy your steak is to select leaner cuts of meat such as “round” or “loin.” For example, top sirloin can have 50 less grams of fat than prime. Cut additional fat during preparation for a truly healthy meal. It’s easy to get rid of additional fat by trimming it after cooking. (Trimming before will rob the steak of flavor and moisture.) Pick smart, trim after cooking, and enjoy!