Simple advice to stay fit and lose weight

Young woman measuring her waist with a tape measureI have been talking to my friends about how they managed to lose weight and stay fit. There is an overwhelming theme that is common to all their success. So I decided to put them into a list to help you with your efforts to lose weight and stay healthy.

  • Except for fruits and vegetables, only eat food that you can eat with a fork. Here’s a clue; you can’t eat potato chips with a fork.
  • Avoid fast food. It’s hard to do but you have to do it for yourself. They are loaded with fat and calories.
  • You can’t lose weight if you are dehydrated. So, drink when you are thirsty. Of course, alcohol will not be counted as fluids that your body needs to lose weight and stay healthy.
  • You need to complement your efforts with a daily routine of moderate to heavy physical activity. Combine 30 minutes of stretching with 30 minutes of aerobic. You can combine walk, yoga, Pilates, Zumba and many other exercises. There are many other ways to get physical.
  • Start to keep a journal of everything. This helps you to compare what you did before and change your program as you move forward to include many different aspects of workouts and food you love to eat.