Role of Plate Size and Portion

plate size and portionThe size of a plate plays a huge role in the size of your meal. In a larger the plate, you tend to fill it with more food. Smaller plate will help you to have less. Combine the size of the plate with another measure, portion control. A healthy mix of fruits, vegetable and less meat will add the required nutrition that you need without adding too many calories. Plate size and portion control are a winning formula for good health.

Studies show that larger plate size increases your meal by about 30%. The size of the plate influences the size and variety of food that you can load up on to a plate. Result will be more calorie intake than you need. So, avoid grabbing a 13-inch plate if an 8-inch plate is available at the party.

An 8-inch plate will automatically scale down the size of your serving. So, on a smaller plate, select a healthy mix of food such as greens, vegetables, and meat. Smaller plate could cut your portion in half compared a larger plate.

So, next time when you go to a party, look for two things; size of the plate and size of your serving.