Reasons to use an exercise mat

Written by Foam Factory

Exercise mats are great to use while working out as they lie flat on the floor without constantly moving as compared to using a bath towel for instance. They also provide you with an incentive to workout. Having an exercise mat on your floor would remind you that you would need to workout. Exercise mats provide good support to your body during your workout sessions and make your floor workouts such as crunches become less painful to your back.

If you tend to workout at a gym, exercise mats are great to bring along. Gyms are used by so many people sweating and touching several equipment. This makes it an ideal breeding ground for germs and bacteria. Bringing your own exercise mat at the gym would allow you to protect yourself from the flooring and is more hygienic than using the exercise mats already provided by the gym.

Some exercise mats tend to be flatter and not provide enough cushioning, especially when you are landing after some jumps or other explosive movements. This might not be good for the knees and might disturb your downwards neighbors if you live in an apartment. You might think about making your own exercise mat by purchasing cushion filling. This would allow you to personalize the size and look of your exercise mat, whether you prefer it longer or larger than the regular size.

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