How to easily order your cushion replacement

In just about every home and business these days you’ll find seat cushions that are filled with some type of foam. These are comfortable and durable and they are not expensive and that’s just a few of the reasons why they’ve been around for so long.

However, occasionally you may need to replace these cushions. Over time, they will wear out just as anything does. As we use them, the foam will eventually break down. Regular wear and tear along with moisture and sweat can cause your seat cushions to become unhealthy. If you have owned yours for more than a few years, then it’s probably best to replace them.

Cushion replacement is pretty simple and inexpensive. Measure the size and note the quantity that will be needed. Then order new foam inserts from a website such as The Foam Factory.

You may want to purchase a different type of foam for your cushions. In addition to conventional foam products, you’ll find some other types that may interest you including memory foam and convoluted foam. Memory foam has been around for years and is often used in mattresses and mattress toppers. It’s comfortable and will last a long time. It’s very affordable so this may be a good time to try it out with your cushion replacement project.

If you need help deciding what size and how many foam cushion inserts need, contact The Foam Factory. Our friendly customer service agents can help you complete your project successfully.