How foam seat cushions help you avoid digestive problems

Blog provided by The Foam Factory

There are several reasons why everyone who works a desk job should have a foam seat cushion for their office chair. Comfort is likely the first reason that comes to mind for most people. Sitting in a rigid, uncomfortable office chair for hours on end inevitably leads to mild aches, pains, and stiffness. If you know anything about health, pain is usually an indicator that your body has been moving or resting in unhealthy, unnatural positions. This is because our bodies were not designed to sit in one place for too long.

Sitting exerts unhealthy compression on our bodies. This leads to reduced blood flow, pain in the tailbone, and problems with your digestion and metabolism. Unsurprisingly, sitting compresses your abdomen, making it harder for your body to properly digest your food. This is why people who live sedentary lifestyles and sit for prolonged periods of time are more vulnerable to weight gain/obesity, diabetes, and heartburn.

If you have to sit for long hours at your job, there are several things you can do to counteract the negative effects of sitting. First, get lots of exercise. Second, make sure you take standing breaks or occasionally use a standing desk at work. Third, you can get a foam seat cushion.

Not only will a foam seat cushion lift your mood and decrease distractions by adding more comfort to your sitting position, but it can also decrease the unhealthy compression on your body. Foam seat cushions help distribute your weight more evenly across your office chair’s surface and help you sit up straight, avoiding bad posture. Slouching increases the pressure on your abdomen, aggravating the digestive difficulties caused by sitting.

Foam seat cushions are not the magic bullet that allows you to lose weight right away. Weight loss still takes discipline, hard work, and a whole lot of exercise. However, foam seat cushions are a great way to make small, subtle changes that can help improve your health in the long run. If you’re interested in getting custom foam seat cushions cut for your office chair, be sure to check out The Foam Factory’s selection of custom foam types that can be cut according to your specific needs.