Get to Know the SENSA® Sprinkle Alert Reminder App


It’s time to shake SENSA® on everything you eat. One of the main reasons people lose weight with the SENSA® Weight-Loss System is because they are consistent. In fact, consistency is the key to losing weight with SENSA®. Users are encouraged to shake the product on everything eat, from breakfast to dinner and snacks in between.

But the problem is that many people forget to do just that. In an effort to help people stay on track, the makers of SENSA® have created SENSA® Sprinkle Alert Reminder App. Here’s a look at the app and why it might be perfect for you.

Customizable Alerts

Do you often forget to use SENSA®? No problem. Designed for your Smartphone, the SENSA® Sprinkle Alert Reminder App features customizable alerts that tell you when it’s time to shake the product on your food. Program when you want the alerts to sound to keep you on track and consistent with your weight loss goals. The app also allows you to schedule meal and snack times so that you eat when you want.