Defining And Discovering The Uses Of Oligonucleotides

What is an Oligonucleotide? An Oligonucleotide is a small chain that is used for DNA modifications and to synthesize custom RNA. The Oligonucleotide is commonly used in a form of a moleculat beacon probe to help in screening diseases and infections. If you need an Oligonucleotide, you can now easily find companies providing one by doing a quick search through the Internet. Just ensure that the company has all the necessary credentials before you submit an order.

Why is an Oligonucleotides important and what are its uses? As mentioned above, the Oligonucleotide can be used to screen diseases, however, it is also used to identify genes on a molecular biology experiment such as DNA sequencing. In DNA sequencing,  Oligonucleotides are used a primers to give the enzymes of the DNA will have a pattern to work from. Each strand from the DNA and oglionucledotide are combined to be synthesized by a machine. This process produced a double stranded DNA. In a PCS or Polymerase Chain Reaction, the oglinucleotide can amplify the small fragments of the DNA, giving more accurate results, thus, it is mostly used for paternity testing and forensics.

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