Dealing With Heavy Periods and Other Feminine Health Issues

Though women may experience heavy periods at different times in her life naturally, an abnormally long period with particularly heavy flow, or even if bleeding occurs after or in between periods could mean that the woman has a condition called menorrhagia. This condition can be caused by several different things including a hormonal imbalance, polyps on the wall of the uterus, or even some kinds of tumors.

This increased bleeding during or between heavy periods can be very disruptive to a woman’s lifestyle and lead to an increase in other symptoms that come with heavy menstruation. Fortunately there are several treatments for heavy periods that can help with symptoms and allow affected women to lead a much more normal life.

These treatments include the most common fix which is known as endometrial ablation. During this procedure the surgeon enters the uterus and destroys some of the uterine wall. As it heals, scar tissue will form that will inhibit the growth of polyps and other causes and slow the bleeding during menstruation. There are several different ways to destroy the lining, many which are much less intrusive and painful. Some of these options include freezing the uterine wall and others involve heating it.

These fixes allow women to lead a much easier life. Also ask your doctor if you have been experiencing heavy urine flow or urinary incontinence as this could be a sign of uterine prolapse. This is when the bladder presses into the uterus which can cause discomfort and involuntary urination in women.